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Companies I've founded or co-founded.





AlumniFidelity: Founded 2009

I co-founded AlumniFidelity in 2009, which pioneered peer-to-peer fundraising for universities and private secondary schools. AlumniFidelity was acquired in 2015 by Overture Technologies.





Founder of Circle View Photos

I founded Circle View Photos, which was the first Google Photography business in Virginia.

Ad Agency

The biggest company I’ve created is my ad agency, which focuses exclusively on search engine marketing, remarketing, social PPC and web analytics.

Online Advertising Training Homepage

eLearning Startup – Inbound Marketing Training

I have a passion for eLearning, and so I created an online learning business aimed at teaching people how to do SEM, SEO, and web analytics.

eLearning Startup – WordPress Training

This is my second eLearning startup – it trains people in setting up, managing and optimizing WordPress websites.

Online Advertising Training Homepage